"..I'm what I'd guess you'd call a foot fetishist.

I just find feet really beautiful."  -  Ricky Martin, actor, singer, dancer

“The first time that I knew I was gay — I think I was, like, 7 — I was watching this Valentine’s Day Popeye cartoon episode that would play every year. There was this scene where Popeye was captured by Brutus, tied up with no shoes or socks on, and Brutus starts tickling his feet. I remember getting a little boner..”

-  Cheyenne Jackson, actor, singer

Three FootMenNYC Parties to Choose From

FootMenNYC Saturdays

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Exclusively Tickling Parties

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1) Are you currently in the NYC Tri-State Area?

  1. 2)2) Are you a man who has strong fantasies

  2. 3)about the Feet, (bare, in and out of socks, sneakers, shoes) of other men?

3) Are you a man who works on his feet all day, (dancer, fire-fighter, retail worker, teacher, etc) and is in need of some TLC? A place to relax, meet some great men, and to receive the best foot massage you will ever receive?

4) Does the sight of a guy in flip-flops force you to walk with your your head down because you can’t stop staring?

5) Do you fantasize about being tickled (with or without restraints) by another man? or are you the one doing the tickling?

6) Are you not making these fantasies a reality? Are you really frustrated about it?

If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘YES,‘ then it is time you joined us for a fun, no-pressure, attitude-free and friendly night.

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Two FootMenNYC Parties to Choose From

FootMenNYC Tuesdays
FootMenNYC Saturdays

These are the ideal social events for Men into Mens’ Feet, Footwear, and Tickling ready for action!
In an intimate private space.

In order to attend, you must make a reservation,

and make a commitment to be there. 

Our regulars are friendly, and expert at making

first-timers want to come again and again. 

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